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december 2017 | Volume 162


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by Lisa Fa'alafi and Kim 'Busty Beatz' Bowers
Briefs Factory
The Cultch
York Theatre, 639 Commercial Dr.
Jan. 9-27
From $22
www.thecultch.com or 604-251-1363

The Cultch presents 

Briefs Factory (Australia)

WHEN: Jan 9 – 27, 2018
Jan 9, 8PM: Preview
Jan 10, 8PM: Opening Night
Jan 11 – 13, 16 – 20, 23- 27, 8PM
Jan 13, 14, 20 & 21, 2PM

639 Commercial Dr.

TICKETS: Tickets from $22. Single tickets on sale now through The Cultch's Box Office: 604-251-1363 or tickets.thecultch.com

ADDED VALUE: Book tickets for one of the TALKBACK performances and enjoy a lively post-show Q&A session with the artists: Jan 11, 16 & 23 at 8 PM, Jan 14 & 21 at 2 PM

Welcome to the hive – fighting the power never tasted so sweet!

The hottest ticket out of Australia makes its Vancouver debut. Headlining The Cultch's Femme January — a whole month of Cultch programming celebrating the power of the female voice — Hot Brown Honey turns tradition on its head, packing a potent punch of Hip Hop politics, dance, poetry, comedy, circus, striptease and song. 

With a truly eclectic crew — from Aboriginal Australian, Maori, Samoan, Tongan, Indonesian and South African backgrounds — Hot Brown Honey makes taking down the master's house with the master's tools look easy. Teaming up with the infamous Briefs Factory and featuring a host of powerful and talented women, The Honeys--Kim 'Busty Beatz' Bowers, Lisa Fa'alafi, Ofa Fotu, Hope 'Hope One' Haami, Elena Wangurra, and Crystal Stacey--are dead set on calling out the patriarchy. These sexy, sassy, stylish six women boldly shatter preconceptions in an explosion of colour, culture, and controversy. Equal parts theatrical spectacular and social activism, Hot Brown Honey goes above and beyond all expectations as it pushes boundaries and defies labels.

"We really do believe 'You cannot be what you cannot see', so we are just doing it; we are putting more brown faces on stage and in the process shining a light on all the talented Hot Brown Honeys...Because let's be honest, there are plenty of women out there they just need to see the pathways where they too can shine" — Lisa Fa'alafi, Co-creator

— Make Noise! —

"Smashing the patriarchy has never seemed quite so much fun" — The Guardian

★★★★★"If you want to see what the world is like when women are truly powerful then go to this." — The Clothesline

★★★★★"Simply put, this performance is *insert explicit* amazing!" — Arts Hub

Hot Brown Honey – Fighting The Power Never Tasted So Sweet
Written by Lisa Fa'alafi and Kim 'Busty Beatz' Bowers

Directed by Lisa Fa'alafi
Musical Direction by Kim 'Busty Beatz' Bowers

Starring Kim 'Busty Beatz' BowersLisa Fa'alafiOfa FotuHope 'Hope One' HaamiElena Wangurra & Crystal Stacey.

Featuring the voices of Aunty Nancy Bamaga as The Mother and Rhianna Patrick in “The Privilege Test.”

Production design, Costume Design & Choreography by Lisa Fa'alafi, Additional Choreography in “The Privilege Test” by Samantha Williams, Original Composition & Sound Design by Kim "Busty Beatz" Bowers, Lighting Design by Paul Lim, Set Design by Tristan Shelly, Graffiti Art by Libby Harward aka Mz Murri Cod, Production Manager Abby Clearwater, Company Manager Nic Dorward.

Based on the original concept and script "Hot Brown Honey Burlesque" created by Kim 'Busty Beatz' BowersCandice Bowers and Lisa Fa'alafi

Produced by Briefs Factory: Executive Producer Linda Catalano, Creative Director Fez Fa'anana, in partnership with Kim "Busty Beatz" Bowers and Lisa Fa'alafi


Briefs Factory is an internationally recognized independent artist and producers’ collective dedicated to developing and presenting bold, contemporary and inspiring collaborative work. The collective has a wealth of experience, programming, producing and managing events, theatrical productions, performers, and venues. Born out of a meeting of minds between Fez Fa'anana and Producer Linda Catalano, the Briefs Factory team is a culturally diverse and highly dynamic powerhouse. 


For the second year The Cultch is dedicating a whole month to celebrate the power of female and female-identifying voices. This January, The Cultch will be featuring performances and discussions that focus on the female experience. Femme January is our way of addressing and speaking truth to the challenges and the triumphs of the feminine.

Jan 9–20, 2018 — Hot Brown Honey (Briefs Factory - AUS)
Jan 17–Feb 4, 2018 — Reassembled Slightly Askewpresented with PuSh International Performing Arts Festival
Jan 24–28, 2018 — I'm Not Here (THEATREclub-IRELAND) - presented with PuSh International Performing Arts Festival
Plus special events still to be announced!

REASSEMBLED SLIGHTLY ASKEW, Jan 17 – Feb 4, 2018, Vancity Culture Lab
Presented with PuSh International Performing Arts Festival
A mind-blowing, autobiographical, audio-based artwork that immerses the audience in the experience of descending into coma from a rare brain infection, brain surgeries and subsequent rehabilitation with an acquired brain injury, Reassembled Slightly Askew is a new kind of storytelling, never done before about this topic.

Travelling Shannon's journey with her, lying on a hospital bed with headphones on, viscerally experiencing the 3-dimensional soundscape of her story, is a unique audience experience and one not to be missed.  One degree closer than walking in someone's shoes; it's living in their head...

I'M NOT HERE, Jan 24 – 28, 2018, Historic Theatre
Presented with PuSh International Performing Arts Festival
Doireann has a show for us. She's going to sing a couple of songs, read a couple of poems and maybe tell a few stories. She's going to be doing a duet with her brother, who's been dead for 3,104 days. That's how long she's been thinking about this show, while everyone has been asking, "Are you alright?"

Composed with passion, anger and care, this one-woman show is a transformative journey through the soundscapes of grief. I'm Not Here is many things: it's a ceremony, a rite, a vigil. Creator and performer Doireann Coady will lead you into darkness and back out again, and it's an experience you won't soon forget. 


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