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Spooky Action (dance)
Text by Barbara Adler
Choreography by Lesley Telford
Inverso Dance
Firehall Arts Centre
Oct. 16-19
$14-$33 or 604-689-0926

Vancouver's Lesley Telford returns with Spooky Action,
her interdisciplinary dance project inspired by particle entanglement

The title comes from Einstein's theory referring to particles that are so closely linked, they share the same existence, yet they could be an entire universe apart. He called the phenomenon "spooky action at a distance." A collaboration with poet/performer Barbara Adler, this interdisciplinary work weaves together visual art, contemporary dance, poetry and original music, extending the provocative theory to human connections, exploring the mysterious ways we act on each other's lives. After development and premiere at the Dance Centre in 2017, the performance runs at the Firehall October 16-19, 2019.

Artistic Producer Donna Spencer is thrilled to host the piece. "Firehall has been privileged to program the work of many of Vancouver's most exciting contemporary choreographers," she says.  "Each season when I program our dance presentations, I am looking for work that explores new ideas and challenges "status quo" themes often seen in contemporary dance. Lesley's Inverso Dance work has a history of doing that. For Spooky Action, she has chosen very talented and accomplished creators to realize her concept and her choreography."

The work is a combination of spoken word, group movement and duets for five dancers, as well as text performed live by Adler, portraying how we influence and affect each other in both conscious and unconscious ways. The narrative of the movement shows how we are all connected on a particle level that works magic in our everyday lives. Vancouver-born Lesley Telford's choreography is gaining acclaim, as she tackles deep issues like quantum physics and presents them in ways that are relevant, effective, and enjoyable. An alumna of Nederlands Dans Theater and Madrid's Compañía Nacional de Danza, Spooky Action was created during an artist's residency at the Dance Centre.

Choreography by Lesley Telford. Text written and performed by Barbara Adler. Music composition by James Meger. Scenography by Yoko Seyama. Lighting by Alan Brodie

Performed by Stéphanie CyrEden SolomonBrandon AlleyLucas Wilson-BilbroAnya Saugstad (apprentice), and Beth Durnie (apprentice).

Spooky Action at Firehall Arts Centre (280 East Cordova Street) October 16–19,  2019.



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