SEPTEMBER 2019 | Volume 183


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Frankie & Johnny in the Clair de Lune
by Terrence McNally
First Impressions Theatre
Deep Cove Shaw Theatre
Sept. 12-28
$25/$23 or 604-929-9456

“It scares people how much we really know one another, so we pretend we don’t."

Both immediate and timeless, this bewildering journey of finding love in the modern world sets the premise for Terrence McNally’s bittersweet comedy.

After a one-night rendezvous in Manhattan’s West Side, Johnny (Ryan Crocker), a compulsive, starry-eyed, short-order cook, is convinced he has found his life companion in Frankie (Colleen Rae Lornie), a wisecracking waitress with a past. In roars and whispers, the play makes a plea for love being worth the risk no matter how much it’s wounded you in the past. An attractive play always worth revisiting, a lovely couple of actors and live pianist (Shawn Salsiccioli) will give this play everything it needs and a bit more into the bargain.

TO BE NUDE IS NOT TO BE NAKED — This production features enchanted spells of intimacy that include nudity, strong language and raw humanity. Life is short and, for those unwilling to make leaps of faith, can be unendingly lonely...

Comic drama by Terrence McNally; directed by Claude A. Giroux, starring Ryan Crocker and Colleen Rae Lornie.

Sept. 12-28 – Wednesday through Saturday at 8 pm except Saturday, Sept. 14, at 2 pm only

Painting by Russell Thomas



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