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february 2019 | Volume 176


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by Brian Linds
Reverberations Collective in assoc. 
with Mortal Coil Performance
Presentation House Theatre, North Vancouver
Mar. 7-17
From $15
www.phtheatre.org or 604-990-3474

Reverberations Combines Sound Installations with Storytelling to Create Immersive Site-Specific Performances on Love, Aging, and Jewish Heritage

Watch a life slowly unfold through the sound equipment used to capture it. In Reverberations, audiences are divided into small groups of 20 to rove through five different performance spaces. Based on the memories of writer and award-winning sound designer Brian Linds, multiple sound mediums are mixed with live performance to replay key moments from Brian's life: his parents' love story, a childhood act of betrayal, his Bar Mitzvah, his mother's Alzheimer's diagnosis, and a moment of lucidity his mother experienced while in the late stages of the disease. Combining innovative sound technology with vintage systems - including a live mix of LPs, cassettes, reel-to-reel tape, 8-track, and digital recordings -  Reverberations creates a dynamic and immersive sensory experience of a life fully lived.

Reverberations premiered at Belfry Theatre's 2017 Spark Festival, where "audiences enjoyed the novelty of moving from space to space and loved the idea that each group's journey was a unique unfolding of the story told" says creator Brian Linds. "They were also inspired to share with the performers and audience members their own experiences of loss, betrayal, and love. It was deeply touching for our team to experience."

Following the successful premiere at The Belfry, Presentation House Theatre partnered with Reverberations Collective to bring this unique experience to Lower Mainland audiences. Noting what compelled him to program the material, Presentation House Artistic Director Kim Selody says, "Brian Linds' Reverberations is immersive, personal and celebratory. His creation honours the life of his mother, and what it feels like to lose someone to Alzheimer's disease. Having lost my own mother in the same way, I was deeply touched by how Brian approached his experiences. His choice to end with a celebration is a touch of genius."

"Reverberations is a celebration of life and family, filled with joy and the bittersweet. L'chaim."
- Janis LaCouvve.com

March 7-17, 2019. 7:30pm Weekdays & Saturdays | 1pm & 4pm Weekends.

Creative Team

Playwright and Sound Designer Brian Linds. Director Mindy Parfitt. Performers Nicola Lipman,  Victor Mariano, JanWood, and Brian Linds. Set and Costume Designer Catherine Hahn. Lighting Designer John Webber. Stage Manager Heidi Quick.



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