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by Jackie Gosselin
DynamO Théâtre
Presentation House Theatre, North Vancouver
Jan. 25-27
$28 / $23 / $15
www.phtheatre.org or 604.990.3474

An innovative and timely take on Shakespeare’s tragic love story
Could there be another ending to this beloved and famous tale?

Montreal’s DynamO Théâtre, one of Canada’s most renowned and revered Circus/Theatre companies, returns to Vancouver with a new take on Shakespeare’s magnificent and tragic love story in What If Romeo & Juliet… January 25 – 27 at Presentation House Theatre. DynamO Théâtre is recognized internationally for its acrobatic movement and clowning productions for families and young audiences.

In this physical theatre performance, DynamO Théâtre re-imagines Shakespeare’s timeless and troubling Romeo and Juliet via Theatre of Acrobatic Movement. True to the company’s celebrated forte, What If Romeo & Juliet… explores the rivalry of the Capulet and Montague families through the poetry of movement, the refinement of the bard’s words, an alluring lighting design and a powerful soundscape. Questions revolve around universal themes of love, hate, freedom, death and rivalry. Could there be another ending to this beloved and famous tale?

“Today’s world feels so divided into ‘us’ and ‘them’, with people quick and ready to disagree with ‘the other’,” says Kim Selody, artistic director of Presentation House Theatre. “In this production, DynamO literally turns one of Shakespeare’s most famous, universal conflicts on its head to explore what might happen if we step back and put down the daggers. It’s an important, timely message, beautifully conveyed through highly skilled physical theatre.”

Selody has worked closely with Dynamo Théâtre on various projects for more than 25 years, most recently as dramaturg in creating and developing this co-production with Presentation House Theatre. "We started by asking the question 'Can each of us be a Romeo, a Juliet, a Tybalt or a Mercutio?'" adds Selody. "We explored the relationships and friendships between the central young characters, and the inherent tension between romance and fighting. Students in our first audience were enthralled by the experience. We had definitely touched a chord in them. It was very gratifying.”

This engaging, youth-friendly adaptation of Romeo and Juliet addresses the play’s concepts of love, hate, and fear in a way that is accessible and entertaining for young audiences and adults alike, something that is vital to writer/director Jackie Gosselin.

“In Shakespeare’s play, it took the death of two young people for their adults to realize the blind hate driving them and the need to dismantle it,” explains Gosselin. “Everywhere on our planet, young children are victims of our fighting and wars. In this production, I realize that I can’t resolve all these conflicts, but theatre can be an essential tool to stimulate ideas that can bring about positive change.”

  • Based on Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
  • Written and Directed by Jackie Gosselin
  • Dramaturg Kim Selody
  • Performers Rosalie Dell’Aniello, Marie Fannie Guay, Marc-André Poliquin, Rémy Savard
  • Shakespeare’s Voice Christopher Gaze

Tickets are on sale now at 604-990-3474 or online at tickets.phtheatre.org. More information and show details can be found at www.phtheatre.org


What If Romeo & Juliet ...
Co-Produced by Presentation House Theatre and DynamO Théâtre
Ages 8+


January 25 - 27, 2019


7:30 pm Friday & Saturday
1:00 pm Sunday

Ticket Prices:

$28 / $23 / $15


Presentation House Theatre
333 Chesterfield Avenue, North Vancouver

Website and Box Office

or 604.990.3474


About DynamO Théâtre
Based in Montreal, DynamO Théâtre is an internationally renowned theatre company whose work focuses on developing, producing and performing Theatre of Acrobatic Movement and Clowning productions for families and young audiences. Since it began in 1981, DynamO Théâtre has produced 22 Canadian plays and given more than 4,500 performances in 29 countries on 5 continents for over 1.5 million spectators. Its tours have spanned Quebec and Canada, more than 40 American states and 15 European countries. The company has been invited to 33 festivals worldwide.

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