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The Turn of the Screw
adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher from Henry James
Aenigma Theatre
Studio 16, 1555 W. 7th Ave.
Nov. 6-10

Aenigma Theatre Presents
The Turn of the Screw adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher from the novel by Henry James

Terror. Thrills. A Turn into Darkness. This Halloween Season, experience an adaptation of the provocative tale of suspense and horror by Henry James that will keep you on the edge of your seat. A young governess in Victorian England travels to an isolated Manor in the countryside to care for two recently orphaned children. She soon finds herself haunted by the malicious spectres of her predecessor, Miss Jessel, and the former valet, Peter Quint, who both died there under mysterious circumstances. But are these horrific ghosts real, or just a product of her fevered imagination? As the governess races to save the lives, and souls, of the children, she must also combat her own deteriorating sanity in this spine-tingling tale.

“In this beautifully executed adaptation…the audience [is] forced, through subtly ambiguous shadings, to vividly project what is cleverly left unseen and unspoken. A dazzling act of the imagination. Mr. Hatcher has pushed James' clever turn to its furthest degree."NY Times

The Turn of the Screw is a stage adaption by Jeffrey Hatcher of Henry James’ classic Victorian ghost story. Considered one of the first overtly psychological thrillers, James’ story has remained resonant in society for its themes of repressed sexuality, abuse, trauma and the horrors we encounter in this world, both human and supernatural. This intense adaptation features only two actors with extraordinary performances: a woman playing “The Governess” and a man playing every other character in the show.

“…for sheer eeriness and plenty of chills, this “Screw” satisfies our seasonal craving for the supernatural.”Los Angeles Times

Aenigma Theatre’s production showcases the talents of both emerging and established Vancouver-based artists. The cast includes Sarah Roa as the Governess (Centurions, Robinson Crusoe + Friday) and David Bloom in multiple roles (Blackbird, King Charles III). The production team includes: Aenigma regulars Chengyan Boon (Lighting Design), and two-time Jessie nominee Scott Zechner (Sound Design). As well as Kimira Bikhum (Set Design), Melicia Zaini (Costume Design), and Vanessa Tang (Stage Management). Aenigma Theatre Founder and Artistic Director Tanya Mathivanan will direct.

“Aenigma Theatre…prove(s) once again: you don’t need a fancy set and expensive costumes to make theatre. All you really need is a good story, well-told.” - Jo Ledingham, on VIVA (2017)

Aenigma Theatre was founded by Tanya Mathivanan in 2013 with the belief that, in many ways, people are all enigmas, to each other as well as to themselves. Tanya's diagnosis of Fibromyalgia at the age of 15 amplified her interest in exploring the complexities of the human condition. Together with a team of talented designers, Aenigma Theatre seeks to engage the community emotionally and intellectually by applying its unique aesthetic to challenging, relevant plays.

Nov 6-10 at 8pm and a matinee on Nov 9 at 2pm (6 shows total)

Tickets: Student/Regular $20/$25

Purchase tickets online at or at the Door | Note: Cash and Credit only at Door




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