FEBRUARY 2020 | Volume 200


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by Rosamund Small
Studio 58, Langara
Feb. 28-Mar. 8

Studio 58's spring line-up, the first programmed by Artistic Director Courtenay Dobbie, commences with TomorrowLove, a series of 13 playlets directed by Shekhar Paleja and Lauren Taylor.  

"First produced by Outside the March, a Toronto company known for their immersive and unique theatrical experiences, TomorrowLove drew me in with its irreverent and inventive take on love, sex, and futuristic technology," said Dobbie. "It felt particularly apt as we in the theatre community are in the process of adapting, re-envisioning, and finding new ways of creating." 13 intertwined playlets imagine the romantic relationships of the near future: lovers view each other's memories on a screen, a virtual reality sex app aims to spice things up, and a never-ending fridge promises to solve the eternal "what's for dinner" argument. Black Mirror meets Modern Love in this wry but heartfelt theatrical film journey, where viewers choose their own path. The playlets will be released online as a collection, with audience able to engage with them over the course of a week—watch all 13 in one night or spread them out over the week, the choice is yours!  

"We've been loving working on Rosamund Small's collection of playlets about love and 'the future', partly because they're hilarious, snappy, moving, and refreshingly fun in these times," said Paleja and Taylor. "Each play has a unique, newly invented product that upends or delights the lives of the people who encounter it, prompting questions like, who needs a body? What's a body for? What is consciousness? Is success love? What exactly are the rights of replicated clones? Can I have a fridge that holds all the yoghurts? And more that lead to the big question—how will we love one another in the future?" 

Written by Rosamund Small 
Directed by Shekhar Paleja and Lauren Taylor 
Set & Costume design by Melicia Zaini   
Lighting & Projection Design by Sophie Tang    
Sound Design by Mary Jane Coomber    

TomorrowLove will be available to watch as series of individual videos online during the week of February 28–March 7. Sign-up to receive a link to watch for free at  


Studio 58 is the professional theatre training program at Langara College, located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Under the direction of Courtenay Dobbie, it offers nationally recognized training for both actors and production personnel. More information at




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