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september 2016 | Volume 147


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  Cathy Jones

by Cathy Jones
Firehall Arts Centre
Sept. 28-Oct. 8
From $25
www.firehallartscentre.ca or 604-689-0926


Cathy Jones is one funny dame. There’s something about Newfoundland comic actors, eh? Jones is tough and sarcastic and … well, let’s call it straightforward. In tight leather pants, boots and a Kurt Cobain t-shirt she storms onto the Firehall stage for its season-opener, an hour-long show mostly about herself as a still-sexual woman in the world as it is, a woman just having turned 60. Or as she puts it, “Nobody-wants-you-to-sit-on-their-face-anymore-years-old.”

Free associating, or so it seems, on a stage full of random props, she doesn’t whine about her situation or male-bash or assault the audience. In fact, the title of her book-in-progress suggests what a big fan she is of therapy: Get Help, You Sick Fuck. When she stares down the audience and shouts out that title, she assures us, “It’s not for you. It’s for the person you came with.”

Jones speaks candidly about her sexual preferences. Homeless guys, for instance. “The great thing about homeless guys is that you can drop them off anywhere.” But homeless or not, if you want to date her, be careful about sharing your preference for games. Especially bingo. “Oh my god, bingo. What a fascinating game. Don’t tell me how it ends.”

About two-thirds of this show is absolutely hilarious. And you’re not stuck for very long with the parts that don’t soar because Jones switches so quickly from one bit to another. It’s definitely not hard work sitting through this funny girl’s routine. Just pay attention, you sick fuck.

Jerry Wasserman



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