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By Stephanie Hayes and Lindsay Reoch
TigerMilk Collective
Carousel Theatre, Granville Island
Oct. 9-11, 16-18
604-684-2787 or

Exit Commander Kitty

TigerMilk Collective Presents a Theatrical Experiment about Loss of Identity 

"You know, there are many times when pretending is better for one's health and one's life in general." –Kitty

TigerMilk Collective is pleased to present its new work, Exit Commander Kitty, Oct 9-11 and 16-18 at the Carousel Theatre Space on Granville Island. Written by TigerMilk’s Stephanie Hayes and Lindsay Reoch, Exit Commander Kitty is a raw, gritty look at sexuality, vulnerability and identity.

Commander Kitty is at home making preparations for her own retirement dinner party. A veteran of a post-apocalyptic army, she is forced into retirement at the old age of 25. Her job was to keep the troops happy, which included song and dance, throwing parties and sexual favors—and she was a star. Now that everything she was has been stripped away, who will she be?

Edgy, experimental and pushing the boundaries of the fourth wall, Exit Commander Kitty is an intimate and no-holds-barred portrait of a woman in the middle of an identity crisis. It includes cabaret, WWII war songs, pop culture, live video, and meta-theatre, all viewed through a political lens.

Written by Hayes and Reoch, Exit Commander Kitty is directed by Reoch, and stars Kirsten Slenning as Kitty. Original musical composition and performance is by James Coomber as the Musician/Slave. Lindsay Drummond plays the supporting roles of Radio Host, Soldier and Therapist.

TigerMilk Collective is made up of Olivia Delachanal, Lindsay Drummond, Miranda Huba, Lindsay Reoch, Kirsten Slenning and Stephanie Hayes. Their mandate is to tell their own collectively created stories and those of their heroes. They aim to stretch themselves and their audiences through execution of their theatrical ideas. Their past productions include Apparition, Stupid Little Girls, and Hospital City.


Exit Commander Kitty runs Thursday October 9 through Saturday October 11 and Thursday, October 16 through Saturday October 18 at 8 pm at the Carousel Theatre Space, 1411 Cartwright St (beside Granville Island Brewing and across from The Waterfront Theatre) on Granville Island. Tickets are $15. To reserve, please call: Tickets Tonight 604 684 2787 or visit