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—Production Poster

by Michael John Unger
Vancouver fringe Festival
HR Macmillan Space Centre
Sept. 9-19
604-257-0350 or

Johnny Tomorrow and the Way
of the Planetarium

An original theatrical one man show inside the Planetarium

Johnny Tomorrow takes you on a journey to the stars inside the star theatre, and back in
time over the 40 year history of the H.R. Macmillan Planetarium. He's searching for
answers to the ultimate astronomy question: Are we alone? And if so, why are we here?
And why are there so many lasers?

“In the Beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth” Genesis 1:1

Michael John Unger is Johnny Tomorrow in a production that follows the Fringe tradition of the one-man show but is also part astronomy show and part laser show all created inside HR Macmillan Space Centre Planetarium. In 1968 the HR Macmillan Planetarium opened to the Vancouver public with the first astronomy show, “The Way of All Stars.”  In 1977 the first laser show premiered inside the Planetarium. That same year Johnny Tomorrow was born. He would visit the theatre first in 1985 on a school field trip, once again in 1995 for a laser show, then again in 2006 to teach astronomy to kids. Johnny Tomorrow uses the theatre of time and space to tell a story about the search for life in the universe while spanning the over 40 year history of the HR Macmillan Planetarium.

“If we are alone in the Universe, it would be a terrible waste of space.” Carl Sagan

While Johnny Tomorrow features only one actor on the stage there are many other talents involved.  Mike Koziniak (Planetarium Producer) has worked on visuals for Planetarium shows since the 70’s, David A. Rodger (Narrator) was the HR Macmillan Planetarium’s first director from 1968-1980 and narrated most shows during that time, Cam Cronin (Director) directed Galileo Live in the Planetarium in 2009, in which Michael John Unger played the title role. Michael is also one-third of the sketch comedy troupe “The Skinny.”  They have toured North America with their hit show Adventures in X-Ray Theatre at the Edmonton and Victoria Fringe Festivals (5 stars- Edmonton Journal). They have also played the Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, and San Francisco Sketch Comedy Festivals.

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at The HR Macmillan Space Centre September 9-19, 2010 as part of the Vancouver International Fringe Festival

| Opening Night Thu Sept 9, 2010 at 7pm
Thu-Sat at 7pm | Matinees at 4pm Sept 12 and 19 | Tickets $12 plus Fringe Membership | Festival Box Office: