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— Production Poster

by Mikhail Tank
Darksoul Theatre
Studio 1398, Granville Island
Sept. 7-15

Mikhail Tank and Darksoul Theatre present
The Power of Rejection (with exclusive props)
at the Vancouver International Fringe Festival

Performance artist and Guinness World Record holder Mikhail Tank ( brings his 'dark musical soul show' The Power of Rejection to the Vancouver International Fringe Festival, September 7-15. The Power of Rejection delves into the human condition; in writer/performer Tank’s words: "We each experience rejection in one form or another, but how we survive it and gain power from it makes us the creators that we are, in life, and beyond."

An original golden glove will be created for Mikhail’s show by Dorothy Gaspar (creator of gloves for the Batman and X-Men films, as well as Madonna). An original meteorite ring has also been set by the UK jeweler, Ian Barrett (see article: Tank, who is originally from St. Petersburg, currently lives in Los Angeles, where he owns and operates Darksoul Theatre. He is a versatile recording and performing artist, best known for creating Soul Photography, the world’s first virtual ticketed show, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2009. (Tank debuted the show in Tokyo, and it was later streamed live from Pasadena, CA, during the Edinburgh Festival.) He also holds the Guinness World Record for “Longest Title of a Music Single” for a track he released in 2010. He is the publisher of The Testament of Solomon, and has directed two “Dollar Baby” films, authorized adaptations of short stories by legendary horror and thriller author Stephen King. Tickets go on sale August 2nd. The Power of Rejection will inspire audiences, and explore new territory in performance art theatre; we invite you to join the celebration.


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