theatre preview

Tangled Tongues Performance
Firehall Arts Centre
November 17-21

The Maid plots revenge. The Queen can’t sleep. Secrets entangle them. They seep into the women’s dreams… and nightmares. The creation process is underway for The Secret Project, an intimate performance that will take audience members through unexpected passages in The Firehall Arts Centre in November. Presented by Tangled Tongues Performance in association with The Firehall Arts Centre, The Secret Project is a collaborative creation by director Adrienne Wong and performers Toni Rozylo and Nneka K. Croal.

The play tells the story of a Queen wracked by guilt and a Maid bent on vengeance. The women’s secrets hang heavy in the air as they come to know one another in the tangled intimacy of servitude. Developed out of a series of workshops conducted by director Adrienne Wong (The Plum Tree) during her residency at the Firehall Arts Centre, The Secret Project integrates Wong’s twin loves: physical theatre and radio drama. The show investigates a new form of storytelling, and invites those with a sense of adventure on a journey in, through, and around the Firehall, and onto the puzzling and shifting territory of secrets, gossip and lies.

Wong, Rozylo and Croal are creating The Secret Project in collaboration with designers Simon Lysander Overstall (sound), Itai Erdal (lighting) and John Popkin (set), with stage management and dramaturgy by Kris Nelson. The play is produced with the support of Section 8 Productions.

Performances are at 8pm Wednesday-Saturday, with matinees at 2pm Saturday and Sunday, and a special free preview on Wednesday, November 17 at 1pm.

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