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Theatre for Living
Scotiabank Dance Centre & various venues in Metro Vancouver
Mar. 10-27: by donation
April 1 & 2: $10 (the $10 donation is just for April 1 & 2  - not for the Concrete Action Planning Day on April 3)

Theatre for Living
Joked by David Diamond

March 10 – 27, 2016 at 7:30pm
12 events at various venues in Metro Vancouver

April 1 & 2, 2016 at 7:30pm
Events at Scotiabank Dance Centre (677 Davie St.)

April 3: Day of Concrete Action Planning from 10am to 6pm
(Open ONLY to people who attended an Event)
Scotiabank Dance Centre

Information at

Community Tour (March 10 –27): By Donation at the Door
Scotiabank Dance Centre: $10 at the Door

Reservations Recommended at 604.871.0508 or RSVP at:

Theatre for Living (TfL) is celebrating its 35th Anniversary Year in 2016, continuing to create cutting-edge, controversial, and hard-hitting theatre that asks questions about issues underneath the headlines. Formerly known as Headlines Theatre, TfL takes its new name from Artistic Director David Diamond’s innovative practice that has come to define the company’s work. This year, TfL’s legacy continues with RECLAIMING HOPE, twelve Theatrical Events to engage communities in identifying and transforming the narrative of fear that permeates our culture. These events will be held at various venues across Metro Vancouver.

TfL’s multi-award-winning interactive theatre projects engage people and communities in action-based dialogue aimed at understanding complex social issues and working towards healthier community. Central to the philosophy of the theatre company is to do this while creating wonderful, provocative art.

“David Diamond is an international treasure.” Mark Leiren- Young, Vancouver Sun

The process is entertaining, fun, full of surprises, laughter, insight and poignancy - powerful theatre grounded in the certainty that the community itself contains the knowledge essential for transformation.

"Theatre for Living is one of the most prolific, life changing, humanity affirming and powerful theatre companies in the country. This is what theatre is to me." Jenny Magenta, audience member

Reclaiming Hope
On December 21, 2015 CBC National News declared 2015 a “year of fear”. 

What are the different ways we are all being asked to live in fear today? How have those voices of fear invaded our individual and collective psyche and, when we are making decisions, challenge us to decide things that are against our inherent value systems or interests?  Can we use the theatre to identify those voices of fear and, by changing our relationship to them, Reclaim Hope (as a verb)?

A theatre company that helps create change
Theatre for Living, in conjunction with community Partner:s:, will embark on an interactive theatre tour to nine different venues across Metro Vancouver (tour schedule BELOW). Reclaiming Hope events will be a platform on which to experiment – through theatre – with ways to continue the momentum of positive change that has been rippling through our communities since the ousting of the Harper regime.

Each event will focus on micro-local community issues that emerge from the voices of fear - the narratives that have embedded themselves in our consciousness, that stop us from moving forward. These events will focus on identifying and then changing our relationship to these voices and through that, on what we can do, how we can challenge ourselves and our governments to make and maintain the change we want to see.

Hope is a verb. At Reclaiming Hope events, interactive theatre becomes a laboratory for change, one voice at a time. With David Diamond aka “Joker” facilitating each event (“Joker” is a term from Augusto Boal’s “Theatre of the Oppressed” to describe the facilitator of the interactive theatre event), audiences with leave with a deeper knowledge of themselves and each other, armed with tools to create healthier inner worlds, families and communities – and reflecting the shifting psyche of a nation that acts, elects, and then holds government accountable.

Concrete Action
Following the tour, TfL will hold a “Day of Concrete Action Planning”, where event organizers and audiences come together to brainstorm ways to “do” the changes that have been articulated. The hope is that this initiative will be an opportunity for a diverse group to take concrete and tangible actions that will further transform their local communities.

“Thank you for a life-changing, mind-expanding, soul-searching, transformative theatre experience! I ... am awestruck at the power and the possibilities suggested by this utterly fascinating experiment in community dialogue, risk-taking and shared story-telling.” Mark LeBourdais, audience member


“This was the most profound activism I have ever witnessed.”
 Molly Caron, audience member


Reclaiming Hope Events Schedule:

Events at 7:30pm

  • Mar. 10
    Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre  ::  1607 E Hastings St
    Partners: Aboriginal Front Door Society, Journeys Around the Circle & Native Education College
  • Mar. 11 + 12
    Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House  ::  800 E Broadway
    Partner: Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House
  • Mar. 13
    Kitsilano Neighbourhood House  ::  2305 W 7th Ave
    Partners: Kits House, Sierra Club BC & The Society Promoting Environmental Conservation
  • Mar. 15
    SFU Woodward’s Djavad Mowafaghian World Art Centre  ::  149 W Hastings St
    Partners: Check Your Head & Gen Why Media
  • Mar. 17          
    Heartwood Community Café  ::  317 E Broadway
    Partners: Lighthouse of Hope Christian Fellowship, Our City of Colours & Out on Screen
  • Mar. 18 + 19   Groundswell Café + Learning Space  ::  566 Powell St
    Partner: Groundswell Grassroots Economic Alternatives
  • Mar. 22
    Unitarian Church of Vancouver  ::  949 West 49th Ave
    Partners: Critical Muslim Voices, Independent Jewish Voices BC & Social Justice Committee Unitarian Church of Vancouver
  • Mar. 23          
    UBC First Nations Longhouse, Sty-Wet-Tan Great Hall :: 1985 West Mall, UBC    
    Partners: UBC First Nations House of Learning & UBC Vancouver Equity and Inclusion
  • Apr. 1 + 2       
    Scotiabank Dance Centre, Faris Family Studio  ::  677 Davie St @ Granville





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