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may 2019 | Volume 179


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  Anna Anderson-Epp, Royal MTC, Winnipeg. Set and costume design by Cory Sincennes and lighting design by Gerald King. Photo by Dylan Hewlett.

Book by Dennis Kelly
Music and lyrics by Tim Minchin
From the novel by Roald Dahl
Arts Club Theatre Company
Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage
May 16-July 14
From $39
www.artsclub.com or 604-687-1644

Up next at the Arts Club's Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage is Matilda the Musical, after stops at Winnipeg's Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre and Edmonton's Citadel Theatre.

The winner of over 50 major international awards, including 12 for Best Musical, Matilda has received widespread critical acclaim. The musical won seven Olivier Awards in 2012, including Best New Musical—the most ever won by a single show at the time. At the 2013 Tony Awards, the show won five awards, including Best Book of a Musical.

The musical's heroine is Matilda (Georgia Acken/Thailey Roberge), a little girl with astonishing wit, intelligence, and psychokinetic powers. She's unloved by her cruel parents but impresses her schoolteacher, the loveable and caring Miss Honey (Alison MacDonald). During her first term at school, Matilda and Miss Honey have a profound effect on each other's lives, as Miss Honey both recognizes and appreciates Matilda's extraordinary personality. However, the school's tyrannical and child-hating headmistress, Miss Trunchbull (John Ullyatt), is out to terrorize and punish those children who don't abide by her rules. Armed with her courage and intelligence, Matilda takes a stand to change her destiny and save her classmates.

Director Daryl Cloran says, "We have been working with new youth performers in each city: Winnipeg, Edmonton, and now Vancouver. It has meant lots of rehearsal, but I have loved being surrounded by the enthusiasm and wonder of these young talents. It is such an incredible opportunity for all of these young performers to have a professional experience like this. It is not hyperbole to say this will be a life-changing experience for many of them, one that will stay with them for years to come."

Artistic Director Ashlie Corcoran says, "Matilda is a fun, cheeky, and imaginative blockbuster, full of fantastic tunes and great characters. I am excited to program large musicals that every family member can enjoy—and this is a great example. This musical is creative and playful, and appeals to children of all ages, while incorporating sophisticated wit for adults. Roald Dahl's work has a gleefully subversive edge that is accessible to all ages."

Georgia Acken (Matilda Wormwood), Thailey Roberge (Matilda Wormwood), Helena Ayas (Hortensia), Lauren Bowler (Mrs. Wormwood), Cassandra Consiglio (Nurse/Ensemble), Angelo Cornel (Bruce), Sharon Crandall (Mrs. Phelps/Ensemble), Ben Elliott (Mr. Wormwood), Sienna Fetigan (Alice), Becky Frohlinger (Acrobat/Ensemble), Julio Fuentes (Rudolpho/Ensemble), Corben Kushneryk (Michael Wormwood/Ensemble), Ema Lake (Lavender), Jenna Lamb (Amanda), Alison MacDonald (Miss Honey/ Ensemble), Andrew MacDonald-Smith (Escape Artist/Sergei/Ensemble), Matthew Mintsis (Nigel), Owen Scott (Tommy), Justin Stadnyk (Doctor/Ensemble), John Ullyatt (Miss Trunchbull/Entertainer), Xandrie Umandal (Eric) 

Henry Christian (Trumpet), Ken Cormier (Keyboard (Leader)), Martin Fisk (Percussion), Angus Kellett (Keyboard), Sasha Niechoda (Keyboard), Sue Round (Cello)

Daryl Cloran (Director), Ken Cormier (Musical Director), Kimberley Rampersad (Choreographer), Anna Kuman(Assistant Director/Assistant Choreographer), Cory Sincennes (Set and Costume Designer), Gerald King (Lighting Designer), Brad Danyluk (Sound Designer), Allison Spearin (Stage Manager), Sandra Drag (Assistant Stage Manager),Alannah Korf (Apprentice Stage Manager), Elena Razlog (Russian Coach), Jonathan Purvis (Fight Director), Ashley Bate (Child Supervisor), Melicia Zaini (Child Supervisor), Nancy Meyer (Child Supervisor)

May 16–July 14, 2019 (Media opening: May 22)
Tue–Thu at 7:30 PM, Fri & Sat at 8 PM, Wed at 1:30 PM, and Sat & Sun at 2 PM

The Arts Club, one of the largest not-for-profit theatre companies in the country, is the principal gathering place for the theatrical arts in British Columbia. Comprising three unique venues across Vancouver, the Arts Club welcomes more than a quarter million guests annually, tours provincially and nationally, and engages students and artists alike through educational and professional programs.

Above all, the Arts Club is dedicated to the advancement of local artists telling stories from around the globe and, in particular, those of our region. From this, we believe that culture expands, an understanding of differences is nurtured, and art bursts forth. The Arts Club was founded in 1964 and is currently led by Artistic Director Ashlie Corcoran and Executive Director Peter Cathie White.




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